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What's New at RiverView Condos

Garages and privacy fences now complete! Looking awesome. Way to go J.B Construction, namely our main onsite guy, Dale Rose.

5 Car Garage

Thank-you Chris Delaurier (Delaurier Concrete & Construction) for an awesome job on the eaves troughs.


We are ramping up to get construction underway for Phase II! Stay tuned as we release the details. I can tell you that all Phase II condos will be a little larger then phase I to accommodate two full baths and a bit more storage. The smallest unit is 1190 sq feet with an optional large unit (1460 sq feet).


It is not very often when you are given the opportunity to completely customize your condo unit. We are giving owners the option to customize their own interiors (finishings) and some options on lay-outs.

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