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Follow this links below to learn more about Swan River and why it is an appealing place for many, especially retirees, to live.

Town of Swan River Moving Here | Discover Swan Valley | Swan River Chamber of Commerce  | | Weather

Photo taking near Durban at Darren Atkinsons Bison Farm 2016

The History of Swan River

Located in a valley between the Duck Mountains and the Porcupine Hills, the town of Swan River is close to the Saskatchewan boundary in west-central Manitoba.

The town is situated along the Swan River which flows into Swan Lake 55 km to the north-east, which is believed to be named for the swans that frequent the lake. Henry Kelsey became the first European explorer to visit the area in 1690. The name of the lake is first noted on a map created by Peter Fidler in 1795 and again on a French map in 1802 (as L du Cigne). The first permanent European settlement dates back to 1770, when fur traders from both the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company established outposts along the Swan River where they bought and sold goods to local Cree peoples by way of birch bark canoes.

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